Let's face it, in a few billion years the sun is going to go through a drastic change. It is going to become very large, large enough to burn off the Earth's atmosphere. Life on the Earth will end, so it is up to us, mankind, to take life with us to a neighboring star with a suitable planet to support life. I suppose we can keep life going in space as well, without having the luxury of being planet bound.

We must forget our wars, work together, we cannot do it alone, love knows the way, we just have to follow her. Yes, we have what seems like an eternity before our troubles will begin. But the clock stops for no one, and we have to turn away from the Earth and Sun we know and love. Sol will nova and dim and mankind must find new light else where. It's tempting for me to think that this might have already happened to us. That the Earth was once a new place for us to live those 1000's of years ago. It makes no difference though. We still must deliver life up from the planet before the last dawn of Sol approaches.

2008 Brian L Hughes