Take a look at a sturgeon, pre-historic looking. They haven't evolved in millions of years. The habitat of the sturgeon is deep within fresh waters. Meanwhile all of the other animals on the planet went through millions of evolution changes. So does the sturgeon live deep enough so their bodies are not affected by heavy particle bombardment from the sun? The water traps the heavy particles that would have otherwise changed the genetics of the sturgeon species.

Animals above the deep waters have their genetics altered, so they evolve. The egg in the ovary or a sperm cell in the testicle is probably hit with a heavy particle that alters the DNA so that the offspring from the mating of either egg or sperm results in a permanently altered state of DNA for that species. When a heavy particle from the sun hits a regular cellís DNA and that cell splits then the result is a tumor or cancer. Hopefully the two cells from the split will expire before forming anything malignant.

The offspring of an affected egg or sperm now has something changed about it. Does that change help the creature to survive better or does it somehow make the chances to survive less that the way itís parents survive? This is Darwinís theory of evolution.

But where did the change come from that Darwin noticed? I think it is heavy particles from the sun that do not affect creatures that live at greater depths of water than life above because they are shielded.

© 2008 Brian L Hughes