Specific Gravity::Who You Are
I live my life, I do the things I do, I feel this way all because of you.
There is no other reason for time to exist at all but for the love we grew.
I am beside myself with how I feel about you, laughter on top of tears.
Words won't describe how deeply our love lies within the bosum of the years.

The color of roses fills the air everywhere you've been, everywhere you go.
The breath of the sun, warm upon your glistening skin, glowing head to toe.
The laughter of a million children plays across the grape stem of your birth.
Clouds drift by writing our names in the sky as they circle about the Earth.

In my mind I am calm and serene, living my life close with you, at peace.
The world outside is raging and furious, but we in spirit migrate with the geese.
When I cry my tears of happiness and love with you, emotion is on high.
Grass is green, sky is blue, we are in love, there's no need to ask why.

Time could run backwards, space turned inside outwards, still I am with you.
Standing at the precipice of all eternity, calling your name, steadfast and true.
Holding the weight of the world on my shoulders while watching you sleep.
Thinking of all the things I can think that leads us away from the water so deep.

All I ever wanted was to be in love with a beautiful woman as wonderful as you.
It makes me happy to think that we do care enough for each other to live life through.
Wanting only the best feelings for each other, making sure dreams come out right.
Keeping the peace between us like two doves watching over paradise at midnight.

It is so easy for me to just think about you, let the world slip out of mind's eye.
Take the time to feel the love we can share, letting go of all the problems we spy.
Close, firm together, no air between us, sharing breath, flexing, feeling at home.
Loose, flexible like the weather, freedom beneath us, day and night, free to roam.

 2005 Brian L Hughes


2008 Brian L Hughes