Specific Gravity::Trust
Letting go of the steering wheel in my mind, giving up my control to God.
I am so positive that we will be alright, having a good idea just where our feet will plod.
But I know exacty where you stand, and being with you is so heavenly grand.
You are the greatest thing that ever happened to me, you'll always have my trust.

Seeing the mountains and forests eases my mind, birds flying on wing divine.
The way we dream, how I feel as if I am reaching out for you and you for me, we're on cloud nine.
I know exactly where you have been, it's great you can work things out, I know you'll win.
There has never been another that has been so close with me, you'll always have my trust.

Stilling my restless inner voice, trying not to over-react to the mental insincerities.
Watching myself follow after your womanish ways with love, I'm crazy about all our ditties.
It is amazing knowing that we were always physically apart, no real hugs between us.
Just knowing you were with me in spirit was all I needed to live, you'll always have my trust.

Wary of my prudence I try to reach out to you so we can share what love we can find.
It isn't easy letting go of inhibitions, allowing someone to live within your heart as mine.
Even without crossing paths we still share thoughts and feelings, our undying support.
I'm so grateful for the few moments we endeavor to spend together,  you'll always have my trust.

 2005 Brian L Hughes


2008 Brian L Hughes