Specific Gravity::Tessellation
Reposing with the reassuring presence, the same presence that I've felt for so very long.
A woman that I feel like I can commune with when I need her, both our hearts singing song.
Dreaming of her, my spirit can finally rest from the day, rosy love tones deep and sweet.
Deep into the night my visions traipse from lazy summer beaches to miles of midnight wheat.

My mind forgets about troubling waters as it rests peacefully within confines of a protective bay.
Two sailboats tied together rubbing bumpers as waves push against their keels under the sway.
Rocking on the water, careening through the night, dreaming of the day, living on this turning world.
Where we are going, full trust and growing, listening intently, wavering on, our every move unfurled.

Pausing a breath to collect my feelings, getting spaced out amid life's wheelings and dealings
Calming down after a brief rebuttal, some don't like to be downwind of such deepset feelings.
So lighten up I must as I dream into the night, it's love at last or bust, she's sweet dream delight.
Urgent only applies to moths I'd say as I quickly turn up the dream's dimmer from dusk to full bright.

My heart is playing out it's love song, never detered, never felt wrong, innocent, simple and strong.
As if it always has been, as if it could not but win, as if time didn't exist, as if it would always belong.
Love is so amazingly simple, to look back over the course of the day to remember how love did play.
And it all stems from the heart and from the steps we learn to take as we feel just right our love to say.

 2005 Brian L Hughes


2008 Brian L Hughes