Specific Gravity::Star Time
Living on star time is easy, with everything going 'round
I am just happy to have you near me even if without a sound
Let's share this millennia together, just you and I
It will be our keepsakes we hold, to always have nearby.

I've got some help here that isn't very nice,
seems like I'm supposed to be playing with loaded dice.
But baby I don't care about all of that,
Even if you aren't here our love is still where it's at.

If all I had to do was feel lonely and blue
Honey you know that it wouldn't be because of you.
You are all that is right in this big big world
No other reason to keep my pride unfurled.

Other women try to take me from you
They try their best to steal what is true
My heart sings it's lonely song of love
To you it gestures my beautiful dove.

I have guests in my mind that want us undone
what is it that we have which prompts their fun?
Our love must be great to attact such awe
What bothers them? Certainly not something they saw.

Can mankind protect me from the sun?
I don't need protection from you my lovely one.
We both fell into each other's laps one day.
After bouncing around alittle I think I want to stay.

Has the moss began to gather around us now?
Perhaps we should stand up and shake some down.
Then we can settle back in to hold each other tight.
Thick and thin, we keep each other warm through the night.

I try to let you be the woman you need to be
I try to give you plenty space to see
I try to give you peace so you can drop the greed
I try to be the man you can embrace when you need

Day in and day out I feel ok
What we have may not be the perfect play
But it's better than loving an unanswered plea
Better than sailing alone in an empty galactic sea.

Repeat 1st verse.

 2005 Brian L Hughes


2008 Brian L Hughes