Specific Gravity::Interlace
Sometimes the bird won't fly, sometimes we've no tears to cry.
Forever will we wonder why? Forever will we have to try?
Tomorrow we will find a way, Tomorrow love will be here to stay.
I need you with me real bad, I need you always, you make me glad.

Sometimes I feel all alone, sometimes the deal turns to stone.
Forever will we paint just blue? Forever must I be distant from you?
Tomorrow maybe our vision will clear, Tomorrow I will feel able to steer.
I need to feel up close again, I need our reels in motion again.

Sometimes my sun doesn't shine, sometimes I can't toe the line.
Forever will we be challenged? Forever will we feel threatened?
Tomorrow loose ends will be tied, tomorrow justice to the ones who lied.
I need your comfort every day, I need your love in every way.

Sometimes the ink won't rub out, sometimes we can't hear even a shout.
Forever will we drift through towns? Forever must we be just clowns?
Tomorrow we will have no fear, tomorrow freedom rings my dear.
I need you today, I need you now, I need you close, I avow.

Sometimes others can rub us wrong, sometimes we don't feel like singing along.
Forever will the sun be set? Forever will we just try to forget?
Tomorrow will be a better day. Tomorrow our love will find a way.
I need to see your face my dove, I need to see you smile my love.

Sometimes we just can't win, sometimes we get closed in.
Forever will we feel the shame? Forever will we take the blame?
Tomorrow we will work it out, tomorrow we won't have to shout.
I need to kiss your tears away, I need to let you have your way.

Sometimes it works out our way, sometimes life has good things to say
Forever we can walk together. Forever we are birds of a feather.
Tomorrow can be right here today, tomorrow need not wait to say.
I need to say I love you, I need to feel I'm near you.

 2005 Brian L Hughes


2008 Brian L Hughes