Specific Gravity::In Spirit
She flies the mountains, an eagle she flies, her wings catch the wind, spiraling upward, then she dives.
Straight downward she feathers, wings are tucked in, she gathers her speed up, still sensing the wind.
Faster she flies, the wind roaring in her ears, she blinks her eyes,  her wind blinded vision clears.
Her wings edge outward, braking the great fall, tail feathers dig in sharply, bringing her flight to a stall.

She dances the prairie, a horse she glides, her mane catches the wind, prancing the grass free and alive,  
To the river she travels, hooves are a din, such a long way to water, on toward river she thunders, running wild.
Down into a dry wash, she catches her breath, up the opposite bank she climbs, her journey to the river.
She can smell water, the river approaching, as she draws near her friends rear, greeting, she is now home.

She swims the seas, a dolphin she swims, she cuts through the waves, jumps out of the water, then she dives.
On fluke she dances backwards, flipping water with her nose, water girl prankster, dashing the water like prose.
With her dolphin friends she travels, where ever they need to go, the sea is their prairie, the sea is their sky.
Fastest in the water, she races past her mates, frolicking like only dophins can, she leaps from the water, and dives again.

She travels the world, a woman she travels, she slips through the crowds, then to the stage, she begins a round.
Her vocals projected, her spirit like the wind, she gathers her strength up, still sensing the din.
Out come her lines, crowd roaring in her ears, she blinks her eyes, spotlight blinded vision clears.
Her final line is sounded, now moves to take her bows, another show is finished, many, many left yet to arouse.

 2005 Brian L Hughes


2008 Brian L Hughes