Specific Gravity::Give Our Love a Try
My love is with me now, my love is here to stay
I know it can't be like this forever, so I'm in heaven for a day.

Put me in the limo, get me on the stage
Let me twirl awhile under the lights, it's in heaven I will stay.

I give up the keyboard, no more mouse for me.
Let me dance with you darling, at our own secret caberet.

It's tofu sandwiches, it's french dresses a la mode. 
It's please pick me up and take me with you when you go to the show.

To your right the grand canyon,  to your left giza plateau
In your heart a bouquet of roses and the key to our chateau.  

Please pass the spaghetti, and another crumpet too
Of all the people I could eat with you know it would be with you.

Roll down the window,  yell out our names
So now the world knows us, no more funny head games.

Provide us a reality, like we haven't got our own?
It's us together, we know each other, we share our heart as home.

Cheery weather isn't it?  With a dab of sun in the sky.
Let's take a walk up the nearest beach and give our love a try.

Psychic novel reading? I'm never gonna look.
We get stuck between the pages and cover of the book.

Money in the fountain,  we kissed and found out why
Let's go find a quiet park bench and give our love a try.

Mountains that eroded still stand out proudly in the sky
Lets sit down in front of the fireplace and give our love a try.

My love you are with me now,  you are still here so I cry.
going to stay like this forever as we keep giving our love a try.

 2005 Brian L Hughes


2008 Brian L Hughes