Specific Gravity::Change
Worrying about tomorrow I forget to live today.  
Worrying about my sorrow I let love slip away.
Running fast I try to catch her, she rounds the nearest corner.
I turn to face only gentle waves lapping the beach, she's gone.

I'm a collection of people crowding around me.
They come and go with the spirit tides of my soul.
Some people try to peel and eat me like a banana.
Others try to trick me into giving up my only love.

When I let go of the reins and my hair falls down.
When all the memories are faded and I'm stuck alone.
My marble track leads to know where, not even home.
It's a good thing I still got a beach where I can roam.

Get told something that I don't even want to hear.
Deal with a bout of pride leaving my ears bright beet red .
So when I look at you, woman, I feel so electric cool.
But when I love you too fast sometimes I feel steel blue.

These people gathering and crowding around me.
Poking and prodding, trying to weave their way with me.
Trying to get me to say what they want me to say.
Trying to get me angry about what they think just may.

Sometimes folks get discouraged, they dislodge and go.
Some folks will say they will stay forever, till it gets too slow.
Most folks I want to stay around, I really love the show.
I know it gets tough at times but that's just the way we go.

Waiting at the beach for a sign.  Watching the waves come in.
Wondering if I will ever catch sight of her darling beauty again.
I want to just cry real hard and feel sad that she is now gone.
But a part of me wants to keep hoping she's gonna come home.

I have prepared a place in my heart just for you to live.
It's not too fancy or big.  But it's warm and has class.
Folks will rumor that there is no place in my heart to to stay.
But even from miles distant you will always be there anyway.

I don't know why people bother calling me by my name.
I'm half of me and half my love. I am as much of her as I am me.   
Our pasts are so intertwined you could never drag us apart.
I am so much of her and she is so much of me, we are complete.

Worrying about tomorrow I forget to live today.  
Worrying about my sorrow I let love slip away.
At last I have found her, sleeping in a hammock tied just off stage.
I haven't the heart to awaken her so I'll sit and watch her for an age.

 2005 Brian L Hughes


2008 Brian L Hughes