Specific Gravity::Adorned
My strength, my support,  I thank you, I love you.
You are a foundation, I have lived many moments with you,
In the darkest, lonely night you are a guiding light.
In the most happy moment of the day you are part of the play.

My honor, my dignity, I cherish you, I adore you.
You are an institution, I know others are in awe of you.
In the deepest moments of despair your tears shine bright.
In the giddiest seconds available you are here indeleble.

My flame, my cloud, I revere you, I prize you.
You are Earth Mother, I kiss the ground in your name.
When shame falls upon my shoulders you make it right.
I love you so much, when first I realized you I had to cry.

My inspiration, my dream, I tease you, I need you.
You are my soul mate, I lift my arms with visions of you.
When wrongdoing flails all about us you somehow steer clear
Working together we do prevail over our worst fears.

My flower, my honey bee, I tickle you, I want you.
You are my spouse, you pour like water through my soul.
When together we dance we come out smelling like roses.
Laughing, crying, pouting, smiling, we are love.

My darling, my jewel, I kiss you, I marry you.
You are my queen, you shine like the sun in my heart.
The bad apple may spoil our bunch but onward we move.
Motions and actions are made with you in mind.

My love, my heart, I honor you, I live with you.
You are overwhelming, I am in awe of you.
When swallowed up by the galaxies you awake me.
The stage may be dark but I can remember you.

My petal, my peach, I reach for you, I touch you.
You are my lover, our children call you Mother.
Your springtime warms us up again after winter calls.
Together we paint a smile upon the face of time.

My sweet, my butterfly, I fly with you, I cry with you.
You are immortal, a thousand years they'll know your name.
Roads are bumpy, we've been apart so very long,
But we wake up together, both hair a mess and sleepy eyed.

My dove, my sparkle, I have you, I am you
We can be free, our love escapes the boundries of time.
So let us escape the rush, tryst away from the crowds 
We are full of each other, coming in ... empathic waves.

 My freedom, my peace, I sit with you, I hold you.
We dance, we skate together hand in hand on rhymes.
Yet the ice of prose beneath us grows thin at times.
When all is said and done I sing this song with you.

My trust, my devotion, I pray with you, sing with you.
We chase the feelings we want to feel again and again.
Act not the stranger you know I am waiting warmly for you,
Love of mine, your love rings us, so sweet, so true.

 2005 Brian L Hughes


2008 Brian L Hughes