Specific Gravity::Adhesion
Singing words already sung.  Ringing bells already rung.
Going over the same ground. Re-making yesterday's sound.
Looking for the new twist. Running after the ultimate gist.
What's really going down? Who's in charge of this town?

Soul bare to the sky. Crying for when and not for why.
Empty hearts beating dry. Power burnt out lie.
Love lost in tampering.  Devotion flees from hampering.
No one bothers to ask why.  Yet one good deed makes an eagle sigh.

Untying the knots of the sacred ties, pulling the wool over blind man's eyes.
Double standards apply only to me, expecting the world without a fee.
Hijack my lyrics, take my song, put my babe in your place, it's plain wrong.
But per chance to dream.  Must everything be part of some scheme?

Wild guesses made on a lark.  Driving without lights in the dark.
Dancing with broomsticks in love at last.  Moving in on ideas way to fast.
Teaming up with a vegetarian, taking over an inner voice most totalitarian.
Relaxing into some peace of mind.  School of hard knocks is easy to find.

Learning fast to hang on to reason, saving for last, a little bit of season.
Changing a thing without asking first, playing a fling, feeling it's thirst.
Keeping pace with a desert turtle, leaning on ideals to avoid the hurdle.
Playing the game just to be trying, letting loose reins, she'll be scribing

Steering my attention into straight.  Doing my best to step over fate.
Under the hood it's all these wires.  Does anyone know which puts out fires?
Honey I'm home, where's the remote.  Can you believe it's already time to get out and vote?
It' back to simple things, sugar and spice.  No more dandling card games and dice.

Electric cars running ducks in a row.  Inches apart with gravity low.
Time getting bent with memory waves.  Isotopes getting hit inside of caves.
Never could I love her aura too much.  Ever sensitive to her loving touch.
A brand new twist to the same ol dance. There is nothing like a true romance.

Millions of people milling around.  Actions and changes without a sound.
Sleeping society sterile and bland.  Strangely clad figurants flinging glistening sand.
Torches of spirit dropped and out. Love lost to leisure, love lost to doubt.
I cry for love, she's precious and true. Every moment together is something new.

 2005 Brian L Hughes


2008 Brian L Hughes