Sound Feelings::Voice of Her Hands
The voice of her hands, I hear them when Iím kind, what they can see in me.
Her feet upon the sands, footprints help to unwind, happy to walk what we see.

Itís easy to believe what she says to me, no other words stand to reason
She is all I want to plan for, every single day, and the change of the season
Stones left unturned, left alone on purpose, the grass it is still as green 
In her footprints I can see her beauty, shining bright; innocent serene
A blanket to weave, in love with her warm, simple, and easy days
A life time of looking melts into kisses of honey, my path now ablaze
Wake up to the laughter of unveiling, old charlatanís secret exposed.
A lifetime of love and sharing at our fingertips, the system is closed.

Her gesture breathes life into my very day, without her I am away.  

Darling, my heart was alone in a desert, parched, seeking for your motion
Across the dunes I glimpse you dancing, quenching my thirst with your ocean.
Surfing on waves of wonder, such passion is this that is now on our table.
Yesterday I was dry, barren, and cold, forever from now I will feel able.

© 2007 Brian L Hughes


© 2008 Brian L Hughes