Sound Feelings::Through the Thicket
Dancing through the thicket of opposing thought
Happenstance upon nature, our relationship wrought.
Reaching out for you dear, all illusion falls away.
Love is always having something meaningful to say.

I donít need to control you just to prove who I am.
An island in a roaring river, water pounding slam.
Am I losing myself to the current, rock turning to sand?
Strangers stand to guide me, something they had planned.

Trying to open my eyes, can I see just a little light?
No questions now that all have fallen into the night?
Dreams whispered into my ears by friend or is it foe?
I cannot tell anymore, riding in a boat that others row.

I do have questions left in me, my heartbeat not unknown.
Wonderful sharing that we have not a rock that is thrown.
Didnít you feel like we could fly clear up to the moon?
With our cups full of tea and weíve got our stirring spoon.

Someone else too is trying, happiness easy in our sight.
I love you so much and I usually feel that I have the right.
So what I see, can it escape me? Falls away, ice in the sea?
I yearn for a pretty picture, it was all you, my mental spree.

Just an illusion made by a pirate sailing on beauty sea.
Making a real effort to keep our love growing like a tree.
Holding your image in my mind dear, thriving with emotion.
Anything to be in your love darling, I take you like a potion.

© 2007 Brian L Hughes


© 2008 Brian L Hughes