Sound Feelings::She Pours Her Poses
She pours her poses right through my heart, the fashions of her gown full of motion.
Into her eyes I drift today, moonlit pools, with warm words so real, her love ocean.

When you are sad dear, your tears are a rain that has already been carried out to sea.
Love grows happy, dove, your smile lifts spirits like the voices of eagles in their tree.
Sweet kisses met softly, each lipstick trace mended upon cheek is unique and all you.
A laugh in green leaves, happiness born upon the breeze, ears love what you pursue.

When you are glad dear, your glee is blue skies letting the sun sneak a warm delight.
Appealing pert darling, you nurse eyes like the moon wearing the sleek robe of night.
Light caresses so crucial, dilate beneath soothing fingers walking from chest to brow.
Happiness escapes treason, fleeing from phantom, darling surfs upon waves of wow.

When you are rad dear, all winds breathe with your mystique, scenes painted on the sky
Regard stirs tomorrow, feelings never borrowed, totally relaxed all day, even a bit shy.
Rain is an orchestra bouncing on your doo, soaking wet, my playful pet, stormy over you.
The lightning bolt of love arcs across the tops of our mind as our eyes make their debut.  

 2007 Brian L Hughes


2008 Brian L Hughes