Sound Feelings::Sensible Thing To Do
I do try to remain true to the feelings I have for you.
Itís the sensible thing to do, like one plus one is two.
A puffy cloud in the sky drifts over the question why
The smooch of your red lips, chase away the bad trips
The breath of your soul, adds steel to my self control
The easiest way I can go, is into the aura that you glow.

I donít need some kind of construct to say, letís bliss all day
Love is sharing heartbeats with you, our exotic play.
Spaghetti straps and candlelight, your delightful array.
The colors you tout leave me no doubt, going your way.

The door between us, voice, eye, and ear, open wide
The ground beneath our feet is real as the oceanís tide
With your gorgeous looks thereís really nothing to decide.
And so I propose to crave your voice, with care my bride.

Warm hearts move with feeling and treasure how we stand
Like flowers in a garden weeded and watered as planned
The colored petals flourish without asking a single demand
I love you my darling like the waves wash over the sand.

© 2007 Brian L Hughes


© 2008 Brian L Hughes