Sound Feelings::Rosebuds and Trellis
One by one, our heartbeats play song.
We got this thing where we like to belong.
Rosebuds and trellis, clay pots and gong.
New grapes from old propagate to prolong.

There is nothing easier than me loving you
My mind and heart want to share all you do
A balanced equation both solved and true
On firm ground no matter how much we pursue

The young step up to live their new way
Learning from the old as they climb into day
Which voice do they heed, what seems OK?
Whose version of honest has the best bouquet?

The love felt between us swims like a seal
In each passing moment it feels more real
Look into your eyes, a new dance to reveal
Together into the sunset walks a new ideal.

There is a time that we step out into night.
Not out of fear but in search of delight.
The words at our feet ignored but polite.
The heavy chain easy to see but not right.

Flocks of birds somehow fly north not west
I keep your darling picture close my chest.
Your real words keep my interest impressed.
Anytime, anywhere, I am at your request.

 2007 Brian L Hughes


2008 Brian L Hughes