Sound Feelings::Open For You
Baby kick back, Iím on my way home, with my heart open for you.
Darling love, it's your hair I comb, my zeal both warm and true.   

No light shines brighter than the gleam that is our unbroken love.
And when the dark of night is over the land our stars shine above.
They twinkle with the words, our heart is ours, and our spirit shines.
The kiss we forever share is felt over and again within our designs.

All exterior voices aside we live hearing only kind words of being.
Planning for the future we know the way of life we will be seeing.
And the water that is our inner self is clear and pure, how we grew.
The desire for you so strong and true, pure as gold, all I ever knew.

Within our hearts there is a glow, orange like the setting of the sun.
It warms through our bodies clear out to the very edges inciting fun.
The most attractive smiles we share as we stroll lifeís trail together.
With bounce in our step we are surrounded by an ultimate weather.

This torrid affair we are both married to seems to only grow stronger.
No matter what we put our selves through we are lasting a bit longer.
The craving and ache that I feel for you, to fall into your lap of dream.
To look up into your eyes, love, my thoughts so free, total united esteem.

Final Chorus
Tender to the max, my hands you do own, and with them I can live true.
White dove, flying about our home, on wings always light, I thank you.

Honey kick back,
Sugar kick back,
Lover kick back,
Girl kick back,
Woman kick back,
Darling kick back,
Baby kick back.

© 2007 Brian L Hughes


© 2008 Brian L Hughes