Sound Feelings::Ladder of Dignity
My feelings keep waxing steady and real for you, my lifeís goal
Your light has helped me to illuminate every facet of my soul
Watching the story unfold second to minute, our way is all class.
Each word from our like nose filled with meaning and contrast.

Climbing the ladder of dignity with your sense of humor and grace
The reviving smile you shine upon today keeps my heart in the race.
Our love I will hold tight and youíll always know whatís right,
with the elegance of your inspiration.

The beauty that you adorn is the female side of my sense of reason
What colors you share with everyone sweet darling of every season
I stand before no one but you my love, you reside in my mindís eye.
Each thought flown from our mood makes sense, love is always why. 

Each thing I do Iím aware of you, woman who entwined my habit.
This love shared, quite the dash dared, Iím sure youíll win, pert rabbit.
Of all the things grown Iím glad my story is true, and itís for you to begin.
Sunshine absolute bright, your light is also blinding, darling glossy grin.

Each day the beginning as our yearning relationship continues to grow.
No fallacy or feigned doubt, both well aware we make the signs to show.
Seeing the world on the eyes of the children all works magically beam. 
You and I together create new shapes from the tears of the old regime.

Warm fire on a winter day, cool breeze in the heat of summer
My love, you are all that I want to say.

© 2007 Brian L Hughes


© 2008 Brian L Hughes