Sound Feelings::I See You Flying
You are my song, butterfly, I see you flying.
I sure belong, morning sky, letís keep on trying.

Woman in my ear, how you steer, glad weíre going.
Strange our past, will always last, even if showing.
The curves of you, so warm and true, a river flowing.
Love is a boat, on your water afloat, with me rowing.

Care of my life, soul food wife, on top of the news.
When trouble is gone, itís way then drawn, never again to lose. 
Your shades of red, breakfast to bed, colors that I choose.
Our lives on today, whites not gray, giving all the clues.

We have years behind us, cheering us on
The wonder of it all, what weíre built upon

Song in my heart, each day I start, for the love of you.
Upon your shores, I rest against yours, with devotion true.
Forever is a day, that our grandkids say, yes to each debut.
Our smile shared, means we both cared, feelings to accrue.

Darling our time, tart as a lime, sweet honeysuckle air.
Blue thread white, warm loving sight, feel what you wear.
Smile in my song, love so strong, Iíve so much to declare.
By your side, my instincts ride, on breath that we share.

© 2007 Brian L Hughes


© 2008 Brian L Hughes