Sound Feelings::Falling Out of Winter
My world is falling out of winter into a warm spring rain.
The frost around my heart is melted because you entertain.

Picking myself up and walking around Iím seeing bent grass
Tan and gray from yesterday, but last summer it sure had sass.
Weíre not the kids we used to be, but we still have eyes to see.
We can still take hold of each otherís hands, hug, kiss and agree.

The budding out of the cold is like you putting on makeup and cherry lace.
My sweet you are always dear but with that red touch of lips and grace,
Your beauty awakens into flowers and bees, darling you get your way.
Each sparkle under brow is a warm happy smooch in which I play.

The green, green seedlings of spring push up through last yearís cover.
The perfume in air as I approach you there watching the bulbs my lover,
Reminds me when we stood sharing a grin in the breath of your sweater.
Do you feel how much I am attached to you dear? Each moment is so better.

Tree leaves fresh and new soak up the light of the sun late into dusk.
Sharing the depths of our flittering eyes I savor the mixing of our musk.
To be close to you my love this time of season brings sense to natureís voices.
Today feels right in our age, birds sing and we kiss to all the right choices.

© 2007 Brian L Hughes


© 2008 Brian L Hughes