Sound Feelings::Easy To Say
Itís easy to say I love you, and I work to make the glow
All things possible on a clear day, we continue to grow.

Strange how a shadow will hide, not to be seen by the sun
We live to see in each otherís eyes the passion that is done

Borrowing bird flight to lose the earth, flying to a water star
Here you come with tomorrow, happy to be where we are

Itís easy to say I love you, like making angels in the snow
When itís time for the wedding, the seeds of forever then grow

Strange how a shadow will crawl, consuming what is fun
Working together we can brighten the evening that has won

Borrowing bird flight to hurry the day, yearning to dream afar
When you arenít with me I plod away, aware how things are

© 2007 Brian L Hughes


© 2008 Brian L Hughes