Share the Health::Your Grace
I saw your picture the other day, just seeing it made me think of you.
I thought of the time we share, many moments that always come true.
Our life would never be the same, all the little things you love to do.
The charm and beauty of your grace helps me to embrace each day anew.

I heard your voice over the fray, just hearing it fused my fears into stone.
I revere the many ways you care, happily reminding me how love is shown.
Our passion is an eternal flame, yesterday disparate, now we rarely feel alone. 
With the delicacy and poise of your stance let us dance with each new beat and tone.

When singing songs it's your aura that keeps lighting up the smile on my face.
Your spirit superimposed over mine, presence beyond edges of touching space.
Reliance, one upon the other, played out systematic thoughts without trace.
Alluring swing sway, your parade, twisting on braid, all life around to embrace.

I missed you again today, when you are away my essence crumbles into the sea.
I'm so happy when we share, everything right in the world like it should be.
Light heartedly we dare the world, upholding love over loneliness, feeling free.
Butterfly wings waft your voice, ears rejoice, swinging out over water from a tree.

I love to live and feel your presence, the interconnection of spirit we share is divine.
Walking I share your legs each step, when acting I share your voice, each line. 
Hand in hand we conquer shame, molding reality into our dance sent back as a sign.
Nature spirals decorate your eyes, fair blue skies, blinking with sweet grapes on the vine.

Life is great, but when I think of you it's always so much better all the way around.
You've won me over hands down, darling, nothing else soothes me like your sound.
I feel like I am but a child in your arms, perhaps that is precisely how a man is wound.
My tears have fallen upon your blouse, my spouse, can you wear my love as a crown?

 2005 Brian L Hughes


2008 Brian L Hughes