Share the Health::Try To Be
One more breath to breathe with you, another pulse of our heart
My smile I form for you to use, poise I position a place you can start.
The words I form in my mind are the cobblestones about your feet to walk.
Actions are a whir and a blur and your embodiment is beloved in talk. 

The steps we endeavor to pace together, the distance we travel so real.
Your eyes sparkle with the glint of polaris, the bells of fog bound ships peal.
Words spoken in the affirmation of your poise and grace dance into our ears.
Pen in hand your autograph is played across your likeness, new frontiers.

Love seems so easy from the start, eye on eyes, hand within hands.
Faster than light thought speeds ahead into yes as no one understands.
Fires burn at the homefront, no news is good news as the clock passes by.
Tears cascade, water down mountainside, eroded is love, scattered and dry.

Let me hold you until the nightmare subsides, here in my arms you can stay.
Forever I will sing loving you, feelings for being in the air we share make my day.
I'll share hearts with you, breathe the breath of you, let you sail upon my sea.
When it's time for you to shine, know that I love you and will always try to be.

So much of myself is wrapped up within you, shlepping our feeling in sound.
It's a burden I gladly take, singing of an ideal, a phoenix, both deep and profound.
If I can help, even a little bit, I will perform. Each chord approached as emotion.
My song spiraling upwards into the clouds twisting and gathering upon the ocean.

My love, I dance this dance with you, I sing this song with our hearts in mind.
It's no secret, the way of our enchantment, the wind fills the sails as designed.
Are we not fabulous for all the eye to see? The biggest act to ever make billing.
So subtle your wry smile, tweaks the curiosity. I'll surely try to be more willing.

 2006 Brian L Hughes


2008 Brian L Hughes