Share the Health::This Is the One
The change was easy, loving you instead of me, myself and I.
The time after was breezy, both good and bad, but with reason to try.
Crying and hurt, even doubtful, there was no way that's what you were made of
Now, I am content and thankful, knowing that I didn't give up on love.

So strange and uneasy, other folks trying to drain our good thing dry.
I don't want to feel queasy, let's hold on to what we got while we defy.
Strong, stable and wonderful, the ideal that you have always dreamed of
Allow me to gracefully cover this puddle of wrath with the coat I dearly love.

So much isn't us, we know each other, but we've been free and clear.
I didn't make a fuss, but sometimes I want you so bad I wish you were here.
Don't need to talk to the floor, of a billion people out here you are my one.
There will be an open door, we can spend a few moments once more in the sun. 

Lots they seem to discuss, but how could they since they aren't even near.
Like we're riding on their bus, when have they ever been compelled to shed a tear.
Seeing us swim while safe on shore, struggling with the waves so nearly undone.
Who is it that they adore? or what have we made that seems so much fun?

Today we shined so clear, it was like you were standing right next to me.
Good weather is so dear, blue skies and for miles and miles we can see.
I love the simple things, like squeezing my arm while thinking of you.
I've grown a pair of wings, I've been flying since the day you came true.

I feel love, I've shed my tear, there is no other way that I want to be.
It took awhile but I'm here, I would ask the queen to now hear my plea.
They were pulling my strings, there was only so much that you could do.
Oh the pendulum swings, now its time to leave it behind and make our debut.

That night we sang together, sharing the same spirit as we sang our song.
Quavering birds of a feather, caring for each other so we feel like we belong.
Duteously tending to a feeling, grooming our love like brushing long brown hair.
In front of you I am kneeling, all smiles and simply adore the clothes you wear.

Weeks blur into winter weather, how can wishing for summer winds be wrong?
My love has me on a short tether, being firmly united our relationship is strong.
Giving isn't the recipient stealing, how can you put value on the gift of a prayer?
Sharing heart to heart is revealing, can't hide myself from your pervasive stare. 

 2005 Brian L Hughes


2008 Brian L Hughes