Share the Health::The Love of You
Walking down the beach with just the shirt on my back.
You think it would be easy to not want the things I lack.
There is one desire that won't go away no matter what I do.
Just gaze into the mirror my dear, it's all the love of you!

Scraping up enough dough to buy another noon's lunch.
You think it would be simple you know, acting on a hunch.
There's just one problem with my world, yes it's true.
Can't take the wish out of wishing, it's all the love of you!

Collecting up some seashells so I can throw em back in the sea.
You think I'd have something to worry about other than me.
There is only one other thing I'm concerned with that's in my que.
You know you are most beautiful, it's all the love of you!

My universe was completely empty before I met up with you.
Now it's full of everything, with a million things I can do.
There I am trying to juggle a billion stars, it's easy as one two.
After the final star is back in place, it's all the love of you!

I really struggle with myself when you are away from me.
The simplest of things just crumbles like falling out of a tree.
My easy life is a disaster without you to help see things through.
Can't leave me lost for too long, it's all the love of you!

It's so easy loving you, nothing but happiness on our minds.
One thing and soon another, safe to say it takes all kinds.
Yes, I can believe I am this blinded, I'd do it all again too.
We will always have our future,  it's all the love of you!

I've been misled a thousand times, tricked into doing wrong.
Please baby don't you come to tell me that I no longer belong.
Give our feelings a chance to settle, can't always be right on cue.
I will be here for us, open and honest, it's all the love of you!

I know I've been a bit backwards, my future lost in the past.
I'm glad you learned to know that, because time is just so vast.
I hope you always remember how much I need you, I sincerely do.
I look forward to us feeling close again, it's all the love of you!

 2005 Brian L Hughes


2008 Brian L Hughes