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Washing my memory window clean of the debris of the day, making sure I can see things right.
Cleaning my heart of remorse and anger so when it's time to dream I will ready to take in the night.
The dream rushes onward making it's way across myriad intersections of bubbles in psychic space.
The ether amid us that we can sense each other through even though we are neither at this place.

With many friendly beings delicately keeping us from falling apart from each other's wonderful essence.
We can live out our lives in relative peacefulness and stability without taking forced direction to wince.
A part of ourselves surely knows exactly where we are going and that future self can even show us the way.
If we have ears to hear and we have a mind that is clear maybe we can learn to see the morning into the day.

Love is not accumulated, not stored up so one can bask in neverending tenderness until the stores of it run out.
The happiness that we know can only be realized when we help others to feel content and without doubt.
Carefree we caress each other's spirit.  Often not even knowing when help has come for us nor in what form.
Living on faith alone we continue onward our journey, only knowing where we've been and when we're warm.

Funny the way things always seem to change, how we can never rest on one lily pad for every long it seems.
Like the chorus of a song life comes back around again so things seem at least somewhat familiar like in dreams.
Trying to see things in the clearest of light, trying to keep mind and spirit even and bright, all for the love of you.
When the sun sets for the day, the kids have finally put all of their toys away, a smile and love that's all new.

Deep into the night our spirits merge to dance the within the dreamscape in which we embrace so greatly enjoyed.
Our dreamworld window remains fixed open that we may share opulent feelings between us in the ethereal void.
Day pries itself from the night and we must break free from the binding contact that we have forged while asleep.
Break free we must, but rest assured that come bedtime this night I will again reach out for you, our love to keep.

 2005 Brian L Hughes


2008 Brian L Hughes