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Perhaps I can think for a minute, relax and just let life unwind around me
I get so caught up in the moment, trying to keep hold of my piece of pie.
It was baked so carefully and with love, I fear that it will get loose from me.
Vanilla, cinnamon and sugary sweet, oh my apple dumpling you’re such a treat.

I have taken quite of time over the years, watching the river go under the bridge.
Things don't bother me like they used to, but I don't do the same things that I did.
It really did get easier as I got older, that's something you can look forward to.
I mean being young was great,  secure in school with all my friends around me.

The past now glitters beside me, I take heed and weave a bit of today in with it.
Tomorrow was always a good thing,  knowing what my plans were and carrying them out.
Today I till, plant, water, and harvest the crop depending upon the season.
Then I once again turn to you for love, mend my broken heart locked deep within winter.

With the snow we prune our lovely roses, their grown splendor cut back to their beginnings.
And in the cold we plant hyacinth and daffodil, for spring brings blooms to see.
Happy as a plant blooming with the spring sun, showing off for all nature to admire.
Old man turtle walking with the essence of us, we are loved by such nature.

Happiness remembered in place of sorrow that is felt creeping about the heart.
A favorite flower is picked and brought into the house to admire it's beauty for a time.
Life is full of spices for those who area still able and willing  to taste of it.
A sort of musician plucking upon the strings of time, what chords are played.

Swirling circles of whirlpools active within the galaxies, within the rivers and seas.
Matter somehow assuming life long enough to sustain our never-ending existence.
As we crawl from one pond of engagement to the next, roads well travelled.
Carrying our thoughts with us like knapsacks upon our backs, trying to fit in.

© 2005 Brian L Hughes


© 2008 Brian L Hughes