Share the Health::Silver Clashes
When my world starts closing in and I feel like I'm someone's ashes.
Hope can't afford to win, you seem all out of reach and silver clashes.
Dripping faucet in the middle of the night, change slow as molasses.
I'm going to hover here and let our love win, even if all eternity passes.

Given the chance to begin again you know I thank you with all my heart.
It's been so much fun lovingly letting you in, we're both so deep at the start. 
No game, but we play pretty hard and the stakes are way high on the chart.
You'd think that everyone would understand, but some like to be real smart.
To think I almost gave up on love but reason steered me back into the fold.
Can you imagine someone trying to put a value on all of the passion we hold?
Our hearts play the same song together, entertaining the clouds to rain gold.
Shmaltzing from one side of the stage to the other, the dance well to behold.

Waiting for the inspiration of sweet words to say, like a breeze in my mind.
Can't we remember taking a bite out of an apple instead of feeling so unkind?
Who needs to hold grudges against leagues of phantom bullies, I'll just unwind.
Relax into the moment, drop the fiery reins, stop spinning the gear for the grind.

The strength of the people rests in the trust and need for the one and the crowd.
The crux of it all, one bad apple turns need around, the gentlest face then cowed.
My darling, I cry, I pray that you can flee the tyranny which taunts us both outloud.
Faceoff with trolls who sprang hidden from the bridge of ardor we crossed so proud

People want to try to get you to follow them in the direction they want to go.
Try to invade your senses, tangle with your basics, direct your present future show.
All very subtle, definitely cruel, once you started denying them you'll really feel the foe.
All this fighting isn't very nice, my love it wanes as I chip away at the ice from ago.

 2005 Brian L Hughes


2008 Brian L Hughes