Share the Health::Peppermint and Roses
A gardener, I grow my world around the senses, ivy up the wall.
A singer, I twirl my words around your spirit,  stories to enthrall.
You lover, braid our feelings between us, tenacious and so true.
Our house, peppermint and roses, kisses for just me and you.

A painter, I color my eyes with your dazzle, palette onto wheel.
An actor, I sprinkle my fable about your ears, visages so real.
My soubrette, you tend to my feelings so soundly, here I sit profound.
Our relationship, curvaceous avenue with a pothole or two, gets us around.

A conductor, I wrap a tiara of string and brass upon your crown.
A tailor, I interlace ribbons of silver and gold throughout your evening gown.
My treasure, I covet the trinket that which you wear upon your chest.
Our faith, sung with heart and spirit, company about us twice blessed.

A writer, prose leaps from my hand to your intellect, story upon brow.
A doctor, I diagnose the woes my imperfections have caused you,  better I vow.
Mate of mine, what life could I ever share alone, with you love inspires.
Our spirit, strengthened by the roots of the mountains, our dream desires.

A poet, four stanzas penned in your honor, rhymes to conceptually see
A waiter, I bring you dinner, and the fresh from the oven bread is free.
My dear of cheer, you make me so happy, just knowing you are here.
Our path, a touch twisted, still leads us on our way, all around the sphere.

A jeweller, I present you with this ring crafted in gold, see the jewel glisten.
A carpenter, I build our nest around us, those outside will just have to listen.
Darling flower, beauty beheld from afar drawing me closer, eyes on today.
Our life, climbing bamboo, food for the gentle panda, slowly making our way. 

 2005 Brian L Hughes


2008 Brian L Hughes