Share the Health::Love In This Sound
Help me get through this lonely day.
Aren't you the lovely lady with so much to say?
Don't tell me that I chased your good feelings away.
Hey, it wasn't me who wrote this life of a play.

So why can't it just be all about you?
Everything revolves around you with all I do.
The memory of our emotions is something to view.
The color of the love we share enjoys what hue?

What will we harvast from this crop we have grown?
What were you thinking as each little seed was sown?
At our fingertips resides everything mankind has known.
And the past is just like a bird that has already flown.

You in the sunlight having to squint your eyes...
I'm not saying I'm sorry but it isn't me who always pries.
It seems like some judge a man by how often he tries.
I think we really fit so I try to keep our close ties.

All I ever wanted to do was to share.
Open my heart to you, lay my soul bare.
Keep the faith, hold life together, know you're there.
Hope you feel rest assured that I really do care.

Yes, I try to love you with everything I got.
Close your eyes and dream my dear, I hope it means alot.
Butterflies and bumblebees in a meadow that time forgot.
I'm all yours sweet cheeks my heart is happily caught.

Now I'm all fixed up with lots of places to go.
If anyone asks you tell them yes, we do indeed know.
We never brought things to a head, forced a big show.
Just a measure of faith and a touch of love to help with the woe.

Back to the good spirit, where is the love we found?
You know I think I can hear it, yes, there is love in this sound.
The way that we feel, I'm sure that good deeds are all around.
Easy to find when you do them, right there, not so profound.

 2005 Brian L Hughes


2008 Brian L Hughes