Share the Health::It's All You
Sweetie, I'm falling for you, I won't ignore my feelings anymore.
Love is all we should do, slow dancing until a quarter til four.
Everything begins anew, waking tomorrow let it be us that we adore.
Nurturing a love so true, hugs to remember for a lifetime and more. 

Honey, it's all you, you win, no other woman shares our desire.
Space between us is thin, the closer we get the warmer our fire.
Time for us does begin, we all get wet feet, ours just a bit drier.
It's my heart you are within, connected we are as if by spiritual wire.

Darling, I live with your grace, the only attachment is ours that I'll keep
Stage light shines upon the face,  the show goes on in spite of lost sheep.
We cannot touch without a trace, your memory both awake and asleep. 
We are finally at that place, where insincerity slides off into the deep.

Lover, yes, whatever you say, anything you need to make it all right
Your thought is life to my day, what I can do to help with your delight?
I revived affections to go your way, sit together the evening into night. 
A world of flowers your bouquet, earth from the moon you are my sight.

Princess, would seem we've grown, our hearts in love on their own accord.
I've believed what I was shown, may our future steps find their reward.
No forgetting what we've known, nurturing feelings like a fine wine is poured
I'll step from this maniacal throne, knowing our love has finally broke free and soared.

Dearest, you are the world to me, no one else has stayed with me so long.
Love is something we feel and see, I cried with you, kissed you with this song.
Happy is something I strive to be, with you my heart and soul truly belong.
Dangling toes at the edge of the sea, man with woman harmonies so strong.

 2005 Brian L Hughes


2008 Brian L Hughes