Share the Health::Dance of the Time Zones
I was thinking while you were sleeping that I am missing we the way we go.
I'd wait until you woke up but I'll be sleeping then so you'll be alone you know.
When we got the groove going super sexy cool we are love fusion seclusion.
Giving of ourselves to each other in time by way of spiritual energetic transfusion. 

I was hoping that we could go on supporting each other while  both doing our thing.
I'll try to maintain at least some resemblence of a decent honest person so we sing.
When we are gifted an intimate moment together there is no one else under the sun.
Half a dial difference between here and eternity, your breath against my ear, just one.

I marvel that what we share is really happening to me, that we are able to feel our love.
I do take measures to make sure I that I really do feel like I crave you my white dove.
When I lose track of you and the world closes in I cry, God I cry, I cry for your aura again.
Halfway around the world yet you still hear me and when I lie down to sleep you tuck me in.

So close to you, I wear you like a shirt, don't ever leave me baby, stay here where it's warm.
Sometimes it gets kind of crowded though doesn't it, like everyone wants away from the storm.
I'm helpless romantic who cries out loud for your love whenever I start feeling kind of lonely.
Never fear my dear for when you wake up each new morning I will have rest my spirit with you only.

The last time I tried to run away from you during a pitched fever of outside influence.
I was tricked into thinking that another woman would have made for a better congruence.
By that afternoon I was beginning to beg to differ, crying for shame so hard, so urgent.
Wailing aloud, how could I have thought to leave your side? How could we become divergent?

People want to know if we are infallible, I can sense it in the shushing of the waves.
Pocketing our emotions as if we were on sale, breaking us up, forcing us like slaves.
We are pitting against each other, shown sides of our mates better left to the sea.
Made to distrust what was once trusting, behemoth what was trivial for the eyes to see.

How can we ever forgive those for all of the misgivings that we both have had to endure?
Where can we find peace of mind together except for the inverse spacetime that we tour.
Where fear and undoing have no meaning, spirit and love we share without end.
No sounds to distract us, no lights to blind us, only our love and with it we mend.

 2005 Brian L Hughes


2008 Brian L Hughes