Share the Health::Curtain Call
Flying, whole heartedly taking wing, not one thing going to bring me down.
Is it OK if it is love that is the thing? What else would you wear upon your crown?
Our love is good, that which we feel. Holding on to what we have while we can.
The world makes sense because it's real, our compassion, so long ago it began.

Sailing, whole heartedly catching the wind, nothing but steady breeze for my sails.
If memory serves, it's you I'm behind.  Things measure up nicely in the details.
Our heart is strong, it's cadence enforced. What we share is forged in heaven.
Loving you is real and it's endorsed.  Living without you is bread without leaven.

Running, meandering through the park, no time to argue with a lonely frown.
It's no consolation loving you on a lark,  picking a flower with tears rolling down.
Our way we find beneath our feet, the steps we take are playing life's song.
Illusion falls away like chaff from wheat, when you feel like you belong.

Swimming, a few laps in the pool, enjoying a life that is turning around.
Yes, I'll go on loving even if the fool, hearing the passion of our sound.
Keeping our feelings going my fate, secure in the knowledge we use.
I'm party to the righteous straight, standing in line to pay our dues.

Dancing, a chorus of angelic sound.  Footsteps land with loving care.
Do I always turn my heart around?  Am I still worthy of your dashing flair?
Rely on each other, food for thought, trust in each other to mend our ways.
Reflect our entire being, what is sought. Sharing enough spirit to live the days.

Singing, the best of the best will do.  Entertained by the next following wave.
Not waiting on a person to see it through, here comes the freedom, now behave.
Things sometimes get a bit backwards, not all movies can be directed in this age.
All things with a chance to move forward, all actors portray the star on stage. 

 2006 Brian L Hughes


2008 Brian L Hughes