Prolific Mingle::Tiny Bit of Why
A billion stars in the sky, each one a tiny bit of why,
that itís you I turn to,  itís you I yearn through, darling itís you.
A million voices to be heard, but they arenít yours little bird,
So itís to you I listen,  with your lips that glisten, all you say.

I get so lost in the middle of the day
No one left with good things to say
Itís then that I want you in my arms
Crave to caress your sweet charms

Of all the words that I usually know
I try to keep to those that let us glow
Itís not enough to assume Iím right
Itís for our love that I carry the light.

After the backdrop has a chance to clear
The old ideals then begin to draw near
The essential why I do it now in align
My love with you darling is life divine

The year I first noticed your beauty
To kindle our love became my duty
My old ways dwindled away in time
To your arms I run with sweet rhyme

© 2007 Brian L Hughes


© 2008 Brian L Hughes