Prolific Mingle::Sun On Leaves

Iím tearing down the vines that have grown between us
To let the light of love shine when our eyes find time to chime
Because each moment is so precious, how we are aware
To cherish what we are, like the twinkle of a star, breathe your air

An open invitation for our hearts to share, for our eyes to brush, our love to blush
The first time I beheld you I had to stare, the beauty of your motion, wave of your ocean 
A bat of your eyes is eternity for me, when I can see you, when I sense you are here
Red lips color of rose smile to set me free, easy going, so worth knowing

A way of understanding what we bear, for our lives to touch, our minds to trade
Each time I hear you I let go of despair, my gentle maiden, a new progressive cool  
Youíre the woman walking under the tree, you surprised me, quietly demure
Deep are the roots that support how we see, while hidden, feel the sun on leaves

Words to tell the story how we care, for our sense of trust, dawn to dusk
In your arms the weather is sunny fair, itís time to love, weíve hair to comb
You and your figure are so darling to me, smile of the ages, escaping the century
Itís like our lives are interwoven to agree, the best engagements, modest luxury

© 2009 Brian L Hughes


© 2009 Brian L Hughes