Prolific Mingle::Snowflakes On Ice

Savor the signs of life, smile happiness around
Be still for a second, your breath the only sound
Love is the family tree, thriving warm full tummy
Wet kiss lipstick blush, you make life so yummy

Imagine a snowflake - perfectly unique
Itís made to be different - not in sync
No amount of pressure - can fit one in
Uncountable snowflakes - drifting thin

Sometimes talk - can turn on a dime
With nothing heard - from a mime
Happiness is the show - you bring alive
And cheers to all - that you revive

Observe the reoccurrence - of my heart
For you darling dear - it stays on chart
And where else - would it go?
Your smile and earrings - make it so

© 2009 Brian L Hughes


© 2009 Brian L Hughes