Prolific Mingle::Sensibly Sexy

Sheís sensibly sexy, with her talking sway
Words grind from her hips, give her away
The dance of life as far back as one can recall,
needs a hug and a kiss so sweet love wonít stall

Warm wind blowing in the middle of spring
Itís time little flower, to bloom and everything

Artist paints with color, itís something to see
Field of tulips with thousands, a petal jubilee

Our eyes canít fathom every factor of creation
Sight of her curves go beyond mere temptation

All things dance with molecular motion
Water sprites glittering across an ocean

Girl friend flower bouquet perfume mist
She gently points out a few things on her list

She helps me in ways that are beyond my sense
And I have to trust what she does outside my fence 

she is always a thought or two from my side
the hope that we kindle is found world wide

Wondrous beauty from the tip of her pen
Words etched into memory as I read again

© 2009 Brian L Hughes


© 2009 Brian L Hughes