Prolific Mingle::Scale the Wall

The days belong to you and I, and the night is born a butterfly
Honest words of giving, words of thanks to help with living
Trying hard to re-arrange, to figure out what I should change
Darling I wonít let you down, plant a tree in your home town. 

Looking down at the world from above
Cloud patterns merging into figures of love
Satellite sensation dancing upon the seas
Curvaceous cloudy lass a dancing breeze

Looking up at the world from below
Canít see a thing so just swim and glow
Pert steps on a beach not comprehended
Even when the curves of the feet are so splendid

Walking up to the edge of time
Darling ring that ting of your chime
Lonely without the looks of you
Warmer now that we feel true

Walking down to where ideas begin
Momentís instant, on the head of pin
Darling give me a ring, make the call
Live beyond dream, Iíll scale the wall

© 2009 Brian L Hughes


© 2009 Brian L Hughes