Prolific Mingle::Prolific Mingle

Gather up those smiles, winks and pretty flirts
Enter the gorgeous woman in the reddest of skirts
Eyes focus to follow even her feet upon the floor
Minds begin to plan, as she fondles the décor

Sand buckets, laughter, crashing talking waves
People finally emerging from their blackened caves
Eyes trace the motion of applying sunscreen lotion
She radiates true emotion, cultivates devotion

Slapping water fountain and a cold winter breeze
Only things naked are the branches of the trees
There is always beauty in her white breath and fur
Icy footsteps we can follow when the recipe says to stir

Sleep darling until the morning sun surrounds you
It will be one scene after another until you are through
Then your smile will beam making that happy sigh
That says to us all we have to do for love is to try

Listen as I redirect thought away from advances
This can be a moment spent without taking chances
A time for you to be yourself free from illusion
Now see as I play, dealing with the forced confusion

Dark forests of timber, seeking only light
Wouldn’t think they’d mind, try to be polite
But here she comes a walking, you know how proud
Her heels win my friend, no matter how loud 

She has something to say, I want to listen
Places to go, with eyelids that glisten
Seems to know how I feel about all I am missing
The redder her lips the more I’d be kissing 

© 2009 Brian L Hughes


© 2009 Brian L Hughes