Prolific Mingle::Pheromone Skies

Darling, one more draught of your night lit eyes
I love to kiss the blue of your pheromone skies

Hurry love, itís not a game, neither of us will be the same
And I want to give to you, everything to make us true
A kiss can linger for delight, eyes tucked away from the light
Our hearts beating on their own, and both together, not alone

Moments grow into hours, petals bloom from ripe flowers
Slight breeze on our skin, no voice telling what has been
Light of love easy to see, a simple thing to agree
Like goslings close to geese, need to go with the peace

Your breath in song, asleep with rhythm strong 
Your words upon my mind, my heart never leaves behind

Taking another chance to care, your feelings I am aware
Each step not mere notion, drawing closer to clean emotion
Letís dance the lights out, find out what itís all about
Keep our love in mind, see why they say itís blind      

© 2009 Brian L Hughes


© 2009 Brian L Hughes