Prolific Mingle::I Find Repair

Baby, itís happy together, making sense with what is right
Weíre a long lasting dream of many seasons made for tonight.

Back of the limo starts out cold, but soon the route is bold
A journey seldom told, the story is very old
No trunk full of gold, but grins where smiles are sold.
Laughing, I return to the fold, fresh from the founderís mould.

If we have to stake a claim, like life in love is just a game
Then darling yes, you are my flame, and I dig what we became.
Girl itís good to hear your name, with you I lost my shame
That pride wonít be the same, even though I was to blame. 

The clock ticks by without a single care
Smiles roll up mending bouts of despair

Step down, enjoy the tide, like a fish, swimming side to side
Undo knots in moments tied, let go reins that denied
Darling do you love what I provide? So very cold outside
One day the storm will subside, in a fit of love our hearts collide

Word painted feelings we share, our joy found in how we care
Love revealed with smiles we wear, enough to turn a circle square
Hereís a gardenia for in your hair, a step up your dainty stair
This thing equal I swear, with your spirit I find repair

© 2009 Brian L Hughes


© 2009 Brian L Hughes