Prolific Mingle::A Hazy Motif

Sun so bright, I canít see the night, but eve will begin
Love take flight, so we feel alright, dusk upon our skin

Pair of pebbles on the beach, water far from reach
Peace rocks get to teach speaking with stone speech.
Gust of wind stirs a leaf, portraying a hazy motif
In the depths there is relief, embracing shared belief

Pluck your spirit in a kiss, afterwards reminisce
Strive to uphold bliss, swim in your abyss
My girlfriend is so fun, every moment is won
We walk as we run, both two and one

Motioning a word that is about to be heard
By a passing bird, hinting of the absurd
Dancing on the sphere, holding you dear
Living year to year, woman that I revere

Whale song in the air, the end of despair
A watch she didnít wear, shade to the glare
Option for intent, glitter for the event
Dust for the percent, kisses for true consent

© 2009 Brian L Hughes


© 2009 Brian L Hughes