Perpetual Motion Machine

The idea is to invent a machine that can spin a generator on it's own, thereby creating free energy.

I had the thought we could add iron filings to cornstarch and water and use the material in a chamber with magnets and a rotor. The idea is to settle the liquid into it's firm state and align the iron filings so the mixture is magnetic. The problem with magnetic perpetual machines is that the attraction used to make it spin immediately stops the machine. The beauty of the cornstarch iron mixture is that when it reaches the magnet we break the spell and turn the mixture back into a liquid so it can pass by the magnet that powers the thing without slowing things down on the other side. The cornstarch water mixture has the properties of being both semi-solid and liquid.

Here are a few drawings I made of machines using this technology.

2008 Brian L Hughes

Engine 1

Engine 2

Engine 3