Dream Hold::She Steps So Easy
Savoring a moment, communing with her, graced within her aura.
I love her so much, to flourish close to her, in this angelic way.
Months have passed, as we have spirit danced, feet on their own choreographing.
Smiles and laughs, anything that tickles our fancy, life bubbles a jubilee.

Grinning a merry grin, with her playfulness mixed in, she is that what you see.
Frolicking upon my persian, with her dexterity mingled in, she is the beauty not me.
Resting easy on the divan, only her thoughts in my mind, images of her skimming by.
She steps so easy, into her prints I feel compelled to go, until I parade as her.

My living memories of her, tart and sweet her voice, I take care to be attentive.
The debate falls apart, because she walks around in my room, as humble a floor can be.
My desire leans on her, asking for too much I cry in frustration, will I ever seem right?
She is but a star, why did they try to dismantle my intellect, she is a dream I follow.

Luscious lace so mellow, her wardrobe rains upon me, harvast allurements like honeybees.
Florid lips glisten, smooching with each "P" that is said, to kiss away the tears of remorse.
Lazy stretch into her flashback, a deep breath of her brace, no worries left to ponder.
Attracted to familiar, despair disbanded by her inner light, amusement between us.

Trendy ideas her lines, carefree and pleasant her demeanor, her breath everlasting.
So girlishly coy I am bested, my words have no meaning, a kite with no tether.
I have such a desire, to preserve the feelings I have for her, insure her heart's dwelling.
My living memory, she dances upon my mind's stage, director of my instincts.

My body is hers, she can want me to work or to dawdle, her will is my way.
I look; her eyes see, the spirit of her is my treading, dwell within her ambience.
I hear; her ears hear, my courage a thing of her making, she completes me.
I feel; her hands feel, my destiny plies along her pathways, her darling is balance.

 2006 Brian L Hughes


2008 Brian L Hughes