Dream Hold::She Loved Einstein
The speed of light is fast, no time to see her as she flies past.
Time, strange subject to think, walks by while keeping in sync.
Two points form a straight line, nothing comes to mind, that's fine.
Trying to trisect an angle with a compass, the brain can't encompass.

It's geometry on the run while trying to have fun.
it's physics full of emotion, to only suffer from devotion.

Watch strapped to a flying bird, to us playing a single at 33 and a third.
Thinking back to the distant past, eons ago before she was born, vast.
Heavy particles knock at the genes, in the eggs, cosy and warm, unseen.
Small changes made in the stew, millions of them, now tried and true. 

It's Astronomy in the stove, like a yacht in the cove.
It's Chemistry stuck in the mud, bee waiting by a bud.

You and I fused as one, hydrogen into helium, fusion, the sun.
What's with forcing back the clock, just go outside, take a walk.
My heart is right here, darling dear, I do my best to uphold cheer.
A smile for your lips and grit, to help while dealing with master wit.

It's Biometrics full of beans,  chimps made to pick tangerines.
It's Photonics racing to the moon, on a lazy sunday afternoon.

Paper full of numbers, we succeed, this one seems stylized, yes indeed.
Stumbling blindly wondering why, science and nature paint the sky.
My love, shall we dance? Future potion. Relax and romance the notion.
Not a game to survive, color the flag, they win but take it, hear you brag.

It's Economics bite my thumb, forget where we came from?
It's Statistics, the loser won, who is left have any fun?

Hmm, here's some new things, bright new wings, rings, and springs.
The river flows down into the sea, don't you think it's right with you and me?
Flowers bloom, no thought on room, season says and poof, it's perfume.
Wandering mind with no place to go, kick out the strangers, force me to know.

It's Parapsychology bend the spoon, spirit horse kicks torpid to the moon.
It's Bioinformatics regulating sunspots, with a good chance of multiple plots.

Trying so hard to keep love right, keeping the peace into the night.
It's you and yes we're a twosome, we are what we have become.
I remember to feel our lives unfold,  each new moment wonderful to behold.
Smoke and mirrors, make our escape,  who knows what will take shape.

 2006 Brian L Hughes


2008 Brian L Hughes