Dream Hold::Sharing a Dream
Feeling life is easy, a breath away from delight, all my flowers in bloom.
Mind gets breezy, spirit shining round so bright, love filling up the room.
Riding an energy wave, our hearts making time, seeking out love flows.
Reasons to behave, we've mountains to climb, we don't need to suppose.

Carving my decisions, choosing to breathe with you, letting go of suppression.
Seeing you in visions, the Earth caressing all you do, giving up my possession.
Walking out of doors, leaving steps for you to follow, tender instep in your shoes.
Add me to what is yours, past seems kind of hollow, paying the clock it's dues.

Mist upon the wind, sailing aloft to cling to your hair, diamond drops with the sun.
My heart is pinned, enjoying all the things you wear, remembering all that is fun.
The story unfolds, feelings predicate our endearment, continue loving what we know.
Honor all she holds, waking to dream to live content, with love there is the glow.

Affection in sight, caressing you with this sound, oh to utter your name.
Hearts are delight, both our feet leaving the ground, flying our love tame.
Sharing a dream, walking with brisk step able to see, charging so free.
Living the theme, your beauty inspires all that is me, to love what I see.

Dandelion in air, escaping the lawns of finite season, caressing future told.
Feeling a scare, letting my fear triumph over reason, while wearing white gold.
Crying your name, my love, please don't walk away, we're right out of the box. 
You have me tame, girl, in my heart you can always play, sunshine and rocks.

Waking up anew, turning off crazy that's trying hard to sway, people try to bridle.
You coming true, the light in my eyes seeing beyond the day, my love recital.
Wearing a grin, for a second it seems like time stands still, the best to date.
Feelings now begin, both us with paths merging fates to fulfill, life breathing fate.

Birds soaring together, flying in pattern across the sky, no question posed.
Gliding with feather, no one bothers to ask the birds why, their life supposed.
Memory of you clear, never wanting to ever let you go, closer to elation.
All your's dear, the love I have for you will only grow, into the next generation.

Clouds crying rain, happy to be with the love of you, living our endearment.
The love we attain, growing upon us with all we try to do, both us heaven sent.
Forever attached, holding hands together through time, smiles and savoir-faire.
Perfectly matched, our names together heard as a chime, our love we share.

 2006 Brian L Hughes


2008 Brian L Hughes