Dream Hold::Our Mind's Eye
It's such a thrill vying to remember you, you know that is all there is to do.
That's right, and I will recall you first, don't worry my dear it's all been rehearsed.
The trouble we are in, it was made up, for something to do, to fill our cup.
But now that it's started we've no choice, say something so I can perceive your voice.

Running on fumes but the game is on, so where were you harbored at the break of dawn?
Chasing a dream, find where the mind went, I certainly have loved the time we've spent.
A woman's affairs are secret, that I know, so when can I meld with you, where'd you go?
Perhaps it is the past that we have hid in, let's turn back the hands of time and begin.

This game of chase isn't always easy, I admit sometimes I get a bit queasy.
Seems like we've both been making it fit,  feels like there is just no way to quit.
I am looking for you, are you abroad?  I will catch up, is my longing somehow flawed?
I ache for you not some kind of prize, I seek for just a glimpse into our eyes.

Distractions expounded, made to be real, love doesn't exist unless another man's steal.
Why should I bother so the story goes, then I see you again, fall in love with your pose.
So the urge is still on as far as I know, I scan the horizon, seeing both rain and snow.
I know why I feel so taken my dream, the way we work together and totally gleam! 

When I finally feature you and set us free, our hearts will thrive together, they'll agree.
Our shared pulse beating strong and deep, talks the language of love even asleep.
The game was that I would hide away, then wait for your signal if we had time to play. 
The script is light, give the plot a peek, plus the end is binding and made for the meek.

Watching life unfold around us with cheer, I'm so ever glad you lend a gracious ear.
The warmth we share has a unique signature, people know us, how together we cure.
I've been following your fantasy forever,  it's a bit demure, but I know you are clever.
The strength of the silent mind doesn't fade, no backward thinking can make us cascade.

So it's always you dear to my rescue, because I just can't compute without you.
Always will I rest my self upon your word, even if others claim that our affair is obsurd.
Is that such a shock, that we are a knot, instead of a memory that was easily bought.
So I run for you out of my door to the day, I present to you my candor, model me like clay.

What is left of me if you have flown? Here take a look, it's my heart of stone.
Is real love what happens to the rest of the place, while we stand separate guarding the grace?
While emotion pours from the multitudes, we stand on clouds fighting attitudes.
Please forgive me, I know I lost my cool, you are my perfect woman, the jewel.

 2006 Brian L Hughes


2008 Brian L Hughes