Dream Hold::Marquee
I am strong for you, clear minded, focused on what we control.
Do you know I care? I adore you! I want to share soul into soul.

Life does spin down around us, water me like plants, my prize.
My heart cries tears for you, spirit dance upon the stage of eyes.

Everywhere there is illusion, only the silent love that binds us is real.
Slide into the silence with me darling, let's hold on to what we feel.

Song birds sing free and alive, the morning sun their only wakeup call.
Dance with me my lullaby, flicker within my dreams, tear down my wall.

The love I share with you will ever open the door to the essence of my glee.
My memory I have of you, everywhere I look, smiles back at me like a marquee.

I can't begin to tell you how much I depend upon your love each day.
It's funny but others try to make it seem like you aren't who you say.

I've found myself in tears worrying that you felt it necessary to set me free.
No one else can bring me solace save you, I've lived enough of only me.

We live and understand the world around us, my appetite for you a longing.
When you can see to live with me, surely that is our love's belonging.

You are a triumph in the eyes of mankind, what you are is great.
But it is in the work you have done, not something cast as simple fate.

Where in the world do I find anyone as alluring to me as you?
No one will you ever find that could be your substitute to make do.

Our life energy is a thing of our making, we have assembled it a team.
Like man of old our agenda is derived from memories gathered in theme.

I feel our love's embrace upon my body as if our arms are entwined.
Illusion cast away like wind blowing snow from trees, base remind. 

Today the only woman I really think of starry eyed is you my dear.
Through thick and thin, even if all love seems in tatters, still I volunteer.

I repose upon your doorstep cradling my love within the rhythm of our heart.
Savor the moment, sup upon the wave of our thirst, before it's stage is impart.

 2006 Brian L Hughes


2008 Brian L Hughes