Dream Hold::Love Is Real
I feel your love wrap around my heart, your water pouring stronger every day.
As I wake up your love lets me start, my ears tuned in to everything you say.
It's you that gives me the sense to feel, your voice and silhouette I've attended.
I thank the stars that our love is real, that together dear our loneliness mended.

Yes, you take care of me with all you do, silly heart skipping beats it can't rhyme.
Every moment that we share is so true, more trust attained with each righteous time. 
Leaves of trees in spring slowly unfurled, understanding of the love we share described.
Together as one our essence with the world, the language of our hearts transcribed.

As years have gone by I yearn for you even more, holding near and dear all I admire.
The love we share is our spirit's open door, we carry our feelings in all that we inspire. 
I do, I try for you, desperate to catch your wry, please my love, humor me silly dear.
Touch me with your laughter, hit me with a cry, walk me round and around this sphere.

So close we have become, stepping to song, excited with what our eyes can see.
All of our days, to us we've never been wrong, at peace with ourselves is all we be.
If anyone were to see us as we shine, they would be blinded for a moment in time.
I feel as if we have now crossed a line, where all things between us will now rhyme.

I don't doubt your love, needing it over again, you are always with me, always there.
Hear this song dear, within my heart you reign. Above all know that I love to care.
The feeling I carry as I feature your everything, my penchant knows the deepest draught.
Ears straining the silence for what you bring, you have always been what is sought.

My spirit is now so deep in your debt, no doubt you know exactly how much I owe.
I'll figure a way to pay you with what I get, time we've been through I sure did grow.
The song isn't over, that what you hear, and the song of our hearts goes year to year.
I've reserved my heart for you my dear, as our lives unwind may we always find love near.

 2006 Brian L Hughes


2008 Brian L Hughes